First Year Program Overview

This body of work is a in depth apprenticeship to Apis mellifera and an opportunity for deep self exploration

Students receive seven months of hands-on natural beekeeping techniques with contemporary adaptive methodology with bi-monthly meetings. Excellent opportunity to gain skills through the progression of the seasons, including spring buildup, summer honey production, and fall harvesting and proper preparation for over-wintering.

  • Study of honeybee anatomy and plant biology
  • Monthly classwork and reading assignments
  • Exploring different hive types including standard Langstroth, top bar hives, and the French Warre hive.
  • Refining skills of observation and evaluation through the use of all our senses
  • Opportunity to experience working with multiple hives.
  • Deepening our understanding of plant/animal/spirit medicine and healing practices
  • Introduction to Apitherapy
  • Exploring the mysteries human/bee relationship through ethnographic and (her)story connection of Divine Feminine through the sisterhood of the hive through the ages
  • Complete study of all the gifts of the hive including honey, pollen, wax, propolis, royal jelly, and venom
  • Study of Native Pollinators
  • Implications of invasive species on the Honey Bee
  • Initiation as a Bee Priestess (optional)

Year Two Advanced Studies

Prerequisite is successful completion of year one.


The second year is one of continued studies,service and activism.

You have the opportunity to become an intern to the Beekeepress Apprenticeship helping students and assisting with the Bee Yard studying advanced beekeeping.

  • Disease and Immunity
  • Queen Rearing opportunity in Florida in a family style Ranch setting.
  • Develop a capstone project
  • Melissae Path offering
  • Apis Arts project