Partial scholarships are available for workshops and are awarded on an individual basis. It is common for scholarship recipients not to attend all coursework along with paying students due to an imbalanced energy exchange/investment in themselves for the program. Wed like to avoid such a phenomenon in this limited-enrollment course. Our hope is that the investment will be completely worthwhile.
Absolutely! This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Natural beekeeping, utilizing some tools of shamanism with modern applications, as well as Melissae specific guidance for working with the bees, plants, and stones.
There are! We now offer a three-payment installation plan. The course must be paid in full by July 15th, 2017.
Due to the nature of a live class and the amount of material covered, we are not able to recreate it. You would need to get with your classmates for notes and I will suggest reading material and give homework. You could also volunteer your help in the bee yard to play catch up.
There will be breaks in between the lessons on class day to eat, stretch, and ground.
This series is for women. Men, please check out our local bee guild at Grow Benzie
A lack of knowledge about beekeeping or Melissae will not be a barrier to the benefits of this program.
No formal experience is required, just an open heart. You will need a bee veil, and gloves which you will receive recommendations for upon enrollment
There will be interim work, which will need to be completed in a timely manner. Also Creative Apis Arts and opportunities to work on craft projects aimed at deepening your understanding
The course will offer a framework of ancient shamanic techniques, spiritual practice and language for your work with the bees; becoming a shamanic practitioner is your choice.
This certification will help you strengthen your integrity and confidence as keeper of bees, and provide you with formal tools to further your growth in the way of the Melissae. Along with tools and practical instruction, the final module prepares the student for the ethical dilemmas ever-present in spiritual community. My goal is for you to feel strong in your ability to work with individuals and groups, while feeling supported in language and appropriate action when conflicts arise for you and them-and they will.

  • Keeping a hive on your land and growing a bee garden
  • Workshops- with some experience under your belt you may want to promote a natural way of keeping bees
  • Native plant restoration is a way to become intimate with your local plant communities and their pollinators.
  • Becoming active in restorative projects helps to integrate your energies with that of the land around you and familiarize yourself with what plant medicines exist in your backyard.
  • Coaching or mentoring is a way to cheerlead those in just beginning or considering making the change to bring bees into their lives. It is very easy to integrate your passions with the bee centered approach
  • Caretaker of bees for someone else- This can be a mutually beneficial arrangement between you and someone with land and financial means to purchase bees and equipment
  • Swarm retrieval or removal- Bees sometimes land in places that are not ideally located and need to be moved. The benefit is Free Bees!