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Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones and her husband Kirk first began to keep bees in 1979 and are actively involved in many aspects of the beekeeping operation (Sleeping Bear Farms) that includes activities at the Michigan honey farm and the winter farm in the panhandle of Florida.

Sharon has owned and operated BeeDazzled “Gifts from the Hive” featuring handmade candles, soaps and natural skin care products for 30 years, with a devoted clientele. She travels to speaking engagements and has conducted workshops and apprenticeships in natural and feminine approaches to the art of beekeeping.

Trained in the tradition of a Melissae (an ordained Bee Priestess with arcane roots in ancient temple times), Sharon is a Bee Mistress with over 35 years of experience, loving and learning from the bees.

She has attended the Sacred Trust Institute in England to study the shamanic Melissae program and has continued shamanic studies under the direction of Kate Durda and Stephanie Tighe, aka the Spirit Weavers.

Sharon is a frame drummer artist and instructor and has studied with Layne Redmond, an accomplished teacher. She currently is a shamanic practitioner studying apitherapy.

In the summer you will find Sharon busy with…

She spends her winters in Florida on the family bee ranch with her horses, dog and cat, where she raises queen bees for their family beekeeping business.

Her gift is the feminine approach to the sacred art of beekeeping, as well as her ability to listen deeply to the Song of the Hive.

Mission Statement:

Believing in the sanctity of the hive; the focus of the apprenticeship will be learning practical and sustainable beekeeping skills with a gentle hands-on Gaia-centric approach.

The mysteries of the hive will speak to us with each session. Deepening the communication, we dwell for a complete bee season together, forming a honeycomb of hive minded sisters.

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Jackie Rushton

Jackie is a natural teacher whose experience spans 3 decades. She has trained apprentices in herbal medicine, the Divine Feminine and beekeeping since 1998, with a number of her students going on to develop their own programs.

Her passion is midwiving women as they experience spiritual re-birth through the magic of the plants and the mysteries of the hive.

She has successfully built and maintained a community of woman that love and support one another across the globe. Jackie is an ordained priestess and practices the Wise Woman tradition of healing as taught by her primary teacher, Susun Weed. She weaves into her healing cloak, Core shamanic techniques as taught by Spirit Weavers, (Kate Durda and Stephanie Tighe).

Jackie’s true gift is that of nurturing and providing a safe and supported space to explore and grow. Through the support and guidance of the plants and the whispered secrets of the hive she will teach you how to re-member the sacred knowledge, connect to the Divine and trust your personal truth.

Jackie lives in Birch Run with her wife, Dale, the sweet sisters of the hive, her chickens and of course, the plants.


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Tasha Lapinski

Tasha Lapinski holds a B.S. in animal science from Michigan State University and has been keeping bees under the direction of Sharon Jones for 4 years now. While in the employ of a local conservation district she devoted time to learning about and presenting on native pollinators. She is currently teaching Ag at Baker College in Cadillac.