Transformational Tar and Tambourine

Taught by Sharon Jones

I am excited to announce the beginning of a series of instruction in Mediterranean Tar and Tambourine.

Through learning basic technique and strokes, we will study interlocking rhythms and different time signatures, as well as how to drum ensemble. I am very passionate about the drum and a devoted student to it.

My background includes several “Bee Priestess” workshops weekend retreats of intensive study with Layne Redmond, Authoress of “When the Drummers were Women” An excellent book that researches women and our drumming story, through symbols and ritual. I also participated in “Giving Birth to ourselves” An indepth monthly course designed by Layne, with Barb Pitcher and Amy Oak as well as 4 years ongoing instruction with Dede Alder in Middle Eastern Instruments.

Currently I assist with shamanic journeying and healing circles through the heartbeat of the drum. I am exploring how to combine song, hand clap and dance with my drums and am inspired by the group Inanna.

I am ready to take you to the next level with my favorite instrument.

The cost for the program is $15 per session. If you prepay you save $5.00 per month. I have student model tambourines at $25 to $30 ea. Looking forward to drumming together.

Blessed Bee Sharon